And it Begins!

Payton’s a Wolf!

Click here to go to Payton’s page and learn about him making his Wolf!


A Week of Cousins

When we came home from Grandma and Papa’s house, Addyline and Payton stayed behind to help on the farm and we brought Dean and Savana home with us (while Clint and Mary went to Hawaii). We had a fun week getting to know them a little more (but of course missed Addy and Payton tremendously). […]

Landyn’s Bike Ride

Landyn learned how to ride his bike. Click the picture to go to his page and learn all about it!

Happy Father’s Day!

Dad was on alert for Father’s Day so we sent him a little picture card. We were able to celebrate with him when he came home on Wednesday. The kids were so excited to show him what they had made for him and were more excited about a shop vac […]

Our Busy Saturday

Both Addyline and Payton had fun things for our Saturday. Addyline was invited to the Zoo’s Poster Party and Awards ceremony (click on her picture to read about it) and Payton had his first pinewood derby (click on his picture to read about it). What a fun and exciting day!

Addyline the Artist

Fontenelle Forest

For this summer’s first “Somewhere Fun Friday” we decided to head to Fontenelle Forest. We had a great time and enjoyed our 2.5 mile hike through the shady forest. We had a great time enjoying nature and having fun as a family. We even made it down to the Missouri River for a quick […]

Our Silly Lady

Here are a few pictures that give a small look into our daily life. Don’t we have a silly little lady!

Berlynn was busy being a pretty princess and taking a “bath” in the toy sink (she had put water in the sink to help her get clean).





Addyline’s Baptism

Our little lady turned 8 in October. Today she made the decision to be baptized. Click on the picture below to go to her page to see more photos from her special day.

Dad’s Work Place

We were able to spend time at Daddy’s workplace. We only saw it from the runway, but we were able to be a little closer than before. The kids sure thought it was neat.