Our last few days at home took us down to spielplatz in our village. We enjoyed spending time with our good friends the Beans and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We sure will miss this place. As you can see we go down there dressed in anything from formal dresses to our pajamas. We are going […]

Kindergarten Graduation

Click on the picture to go to Payton’s page to see more pictures from Payton’s Kindergarten Graduation.


Since we had to ship the Volvo we decided to ship it out of Brussels Belgium and make a day out of it. We took the kids out of school and headed west. We had a fun trip…even getting lost in the Belgium country side when we couldn’t seem to figure out the Umleitung.


30 with a house and 4 kids

Today I turned 30. Yes the big 3-0. The kids and I spent the time at a little friends birthday party and then supper out. So a nice quiet day for us. For Craig however, it was a busy day while he was in Omaha with Clint and Papa Hibbs. They searched high and low […]

My Daddy’s Job

Today Ramstein AB hosted a job shadow day for school age children. Addy and Payton have been looking forward to this all week! The itinerary included breakfast, tie-dying t-shirts, scavenger hunt, red man down, face painting, playing with the big guns, and the list goes on! The started the morning at the USAFE A6 building […]


Landyn and Grandma are big fans of chocolate so we headed to the near by chocolate factory to spend the morning looking at how it is made and of course tasting it.


Bruges Belgium

After celebrating the harvest festival we headed for Belgium. We went with a few friends and had a good time. I am just going to share the experience through a few pictures and just a few words about them. To see the pictures bigger just click on them!

We arrived late so the first thing […]

Harvest Fest in Kusel

For our first day with Craig gone on his deployment we headed to Kusel to the Herbstfest (Harvest Festival). We had fun watching the parade and eating yummy food.





No German parade is complete without food and drinks. They were giving out free samples of drinks, luckily they had […]

Our Family

We decided to take a family photo before Craig left on his deployment. Mom was here and took the picture for us. They turned out pretty nice I think

Random Photos


Take Us With You!!!

Addy girl