A catch up post

This past year has been crazy! We are now living in England and loving it. I am going to post a few pictures of our adventures here and in the future if I have time I will back post more details.

Our first outing in England we headed to Framlingham Castle. Around the same time […]

Flat Kailey, Crazy Hair, and Chess

Cousin Kailey H. sent us “Flat Kailey” to show around to fun and interesting places, so we took her to Offutt AFB and the Omaha Zoo. We had fun seeing planes and rockets and we never get tired of going to the zoo. We were glad for our opportunity to be reminded of all the […]

Random Happenings of February 2015

We have had lots of fun finishing the winter season off. Mom was volunteered to be the room parent for Addyline’s class and was very relieved when the final party of the year was over. We celebrated Valentine’s Day and Mrs. Jacobson’s first baby.

4th Grade Party

This is a picture of the boys […]

The Play

The Cast

The children put together a play for us. Enjoy watching!

Crew Rest





We went to the farm this last weekend to pick up Berlynn. We came home with her plus a bunny! Whiskers is now the newest member of our household. The kids so far have done a pretty good job at taking care of him. We will see how the keep this up. Here are a […]

Stingray Beach

The kids have been wanting to get to the zoo’s stingray beach for sometime now. We have been trying to avoid the crowds, since the zoo was just voted #1 zoo in the world. So today after school we headed out. At the gate into the zoo they told us the stingray beach was […]

You’re Never Alone

Addyline and Payton put together a little song called “You’re Never Alone”. Here is the video of them singing it. They had such fun doing this…I hope you enjoy!

Riding a Bike

Payton decided he wanted to learn to ride his bike without training wheels. So we decided to try and teach him. It will take some time but he seems to be excited about learning.

The kids enjoyed helping Daddy take off the training wheels, even Berlynn tried to do some helping. In the […]