High School

1st Day of School-Sept 2016

High School! Can you believe it. Addyline started High School this year. In Britain, high school starts around the time a student is 11. It is for 5 years, students graduate from high school when they are 16. After which, they have to attend some form of formal education/training […]

British Primary Schools

1st Day of British School

We have been asked by many friends what it is like for our children to attend British Schools, so I have decided to write two posts about it. First our experience with primary schools, second our experience with High School. After we have had more experience with Wauryn attending […]

Family Vacation: Albuquerque

We spent a couple of days in Albuquerque with Aunt Kenzi and Uncle Todd. The kids had a wonderful time playing with Kailey and Cope. One thing they came away with and decided that was so cool was Uncle Todd’s high tech tv and gaming system. The loved that he could talk to […]

Spring Music Concert

Click on the picture to go to Landyn’s page a learn about his spring music concert.

Operation Read

Operation Read

Click on the picture to read about Addyline’s experience with Operation Read.


Flat Kailey, Crazy Hair, and Chess

Cousin Kailey H. sent us “Flat Kailey” to show around to fun and interesting places, so we took her to Offutt AFB and the Omaha Zoo. We had fun seeing planes and rockets and we never get tired of going to the zoo. We were glad for our opportunity to be reminded of all the […]

Random Happenings of February 2015

We have had lots of fun finishing the winter season off. Mom was volunteered to be the room parent for Addyline’s class and was very relieved when the final party of the year was over. We celebrated Valentine’s Day and Mrs. Jacobson’s first baby.

4th Grade Party

This is a picture of the boys […]

Snow Days


Snow Day

Inside the Igloo

We had several snow days this week. It started on Sunday when we couldn’t get out for Stake Conference. Then went into Monday when school was canceled due to the snow (we sent Dad in a taxi to the airport to head to the D.C. area). […]

Daddy/daughter “tea” and 100th day of School

Today Berlynn wanted to have a tea party with daddy. So they did, they enjoyed delicious apple cider and lovely clothes.

Tea Party

The kids celebrated the 100th day in school today. Landyn came home wearing this fun hat and glasses. Hard to believe it has already been that long!

100 Days


The Play

The Cast

The children put together a play for us. Enjoy watching!

Crew Rest