Tree Decorating and Crashing

Between church and the First Presidency Christmas devotional we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. It was a great time and by the end the tree looked pretty good. After decorating the tree we enjoyed laying down under the tree and admiring the beauty of the tree. It was fun watching the kids as […]

11 months Old

11 months!

Our little man turned 11 months old today! It is crazy how fast the time has flown by. Be sure to check out his page to see the changes in him over the last 11 months.




Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We started the day out right with spiced pancakes shaped like pumpkins with little ghosts on top. They were a big success, thanks Dad! Payton loved his little ghost so much he had tears by the end because he had to eat it 🙁





Growing Wauryn

Our little Wauryn is growing. Click on the picture below to go to his page to see a slideshow of how he has grown over the last 9 months!