Family Vacation: Indiana Dunes State Park

Before we started our long drive to Kirtland, Ohio, we decided to take a swim in the one of the Great Lakes. The Indiana Dunes State Park has the Lake Michigan and the dunes, so that was a double bonus! We had a great time and the kids loved running […]

Family Vacation: Carthage Jail and the National Lake Shore

We started the day by saying good-bye to our cute little cabin we stayed in and then heading out to Carthage Jail. The kids really did well and I think Addyline and Payton learned quite a bit more about Joseph and Hyrum. We found the jail and the life of the jailer and his family […]

Family Vacation: Nauvoo


Summer Kitchen Cooking

We spent the day in Nauvoo with Aunt Alisha and the cousins (Uncle Luke came too, but spent most of the time in the visitor center studying for his medical boards). It was a pretty good day, though very hot and tiring with all 8 children.

We were […]

Family Vacation: Adam-Ondi-Ahman

Our first stop on our Church History Family Vacation was Adam-ondi-Ahman. We had a fun time walking around and looking at all the beautiful scenery. The kids loved climbing in this old tree and were reluctant to continue on. After Adam-ondi-Ahman we headed to Uncle Luke & Aunt Alisha’s house. Where we stayed […]

The Badlands

The Badlands


On the way home from Grandma and Papa’s we decided to take a tour through the Badlands. We had fun taking the detour through this


unique region of South Dakota. We enjoyed picnicking and taking a short hike through some of the badlands. Though one of the […]

Papa & Grandma Booth’s, Devils Tower & Fishing

Devils Tower

Grandma and Papa planned a full day for us. After spending most of the morning looking for worms, helping Papa in the green house and helping Grandma around the house we headed to Devils Tower with Grandma while Papa headed to work. We had a great time looking at nature, finding […]

Ashfall Fossil Beds

This week we have been learning about dinosaurs and fossils. So, on our way up to visit Grandma and Papa Booth we decided to stop by Ashfall Fossil Beds. These “beds” where made after a mega volcano in southern Idaho exploded and spewed lots of ash into the air. The animals of the […]

Last Big Trip: Budapest Hungary


Welcome to Hungary

We never thought we would be able to go to Hungary but we are so glad that we didn’t miss it. Budapest is a beautiful city. Though I think it was the hardest country to communicate in. Hungarian is not at all related to the English or Spanish languages […]

Last Big Trip: Vienna

Schloss Schonbrunn

We enjoyed a wonderful day in Vienna. We started with Schonbrunn Palace. We spent hours exploring the gardens and the palace itself. The kids even enjoyed the tour of the palace and loved listening to their headsets and finding all the items that were being talked about. After the tour was over […]

Last Big Trip: Vienna part 2



We spent the afternoon in the world’s oldest zoo. It was a beautiful zoo and we had lots of fun. We all had a first experience, seeing Panda Bears. What cute adorable creatures they are.

We then meandered on up to the Gloriette. It had a beautiful […]