Temple Blessings

Addyline and Payton decided to sing in our stake’s children choir for the ribbon cutting at the annual gingerbread display at the Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluffs. They did a wonderful job and the displays where beautiful as well. This year we finally made the time to make a gingerbread […]

Booth Family Renunion

We started our Booth Family reunion with a trip to the Mormon Trail Center in Omaha, and stopped by the temple. We enjoyed getting a picture of Grandma and Papa with all of the grandkids (except Matt & Shersti’s because they hadn’t arrived yet). What a wonderful posterity!

Family Vacation: Kirltand, Ohio

Today we were able to discover historic Kirtland. After church we headed to the church history sites and had a little sack lunch. The weather was beautiful today! After enjoying our lunch we went in the the visitor center and was shown around all the sites. We enjoyed all of them and […]

Family Vacation: Nauvoo


Summer Kitchen Cooking

We spent the day in Nauvoo with Aunt Alisha and the cousins (Uncle Luke came too, but spent most of the time in the visitor center studying for his medical boards). It was a pretty good day, though very hot and tiring with all 8 children.

We were […]

Visiting the Bohannan’s

Dad is on alert for the long weekend so we decided to go to Missouri and visit Aunt Alisha, Uncle Luke and the kids. We spent an afternoon at the lake and then the rain came so we spent the rest of the time inside trying to let Aunt Alisha rest and keep the kids […]

Great Britain: London Temple & Cliffs of Dover

London Temple

Today was our last day in Great Britain. We spent the night at the London temple, this morning we took the kids around the temple grounds. They loved the pond, bridge, and of course seeing the temple.

London Temple Grounds

After spending time at the temple it was time to head […]

Great Britain: Preston and the Lake District

Preston Temple

We started the day with walking around the Preston Temple. Craig was able to attend last night, Nikki this morning. We enjoyed the beautiful English gardens around the temple. The grounds were extensive compared to the temples we have seen in mainland Europe. It might have also been because the England […]