Easter 2015

This Easter the whole Hibbs family came to our house! Even great grandma Tessie Hibbs came and celebrated the weekend with us! Unfortunately, Craig was on alert, but we did have the opportunity to talk to him. Everyone LOVED spending time with the cousins and we are so very grateful […]

Gingerbread With Grandma & Papa


Grandma and Papa Hibbs came up to spend the weekend with us and we were able to go to the last day of the Kanesville Gingerbread Display. (We went on the first day for the ribbon cutting and now on the last day) We had fun doing the scavenger hunt with […]

New Year’s Eve Fun

Happy 2015!

We had a day full of fun. It started by dropping dad off at work then heading to the zoo for the “Noon Year Eve” celebration. We meet our friends the Orme family there. It was fun seeing different animals and being apart of the ball drop.

After gathering up as […]

Christmas on the Farm

With 20 people in the house it was a crowded, loud and joyful Christmas day. Luckily most people where healthy (though Aunt Mary has us all a little worried with her wicked high blood pressure 200 something over really high 100 something). It was a very wonderful, but not quiet Christmas day. Enjoy […]

Christmas Eve

This year we headed down to Norwich for Christmas, it was the first time in over 6 years that we were all home for Christmas. We had a fun time decorating cookies, singing, and looking at all the Christmas lights in Norwich (this took all of about 5 minutes…including stopping and caroling for 2 […]

Minivan Express

Minivan Express

We had a very fun Saturday. We started the day by heading to the BX to get the last of our Christmas shopping. We were surprised to find Santa at the BX and were able to get a picture with him. The kids have enjoyed seeing Santa all around town lately!

Tree Decorating and Crashing

Between church and the First Presidency Christmas devotional we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. It was a great time and by the end the tree looked pretty good. After decorating the tree we enjoyed laying down under the tree and admiring the beauty of the tree. It was fun watching the kids as […]

O Christmas Tree

Today was a busy day finding a Christmas tree and taking some family pictures. We started early and faced the cold to take some much overdue family photos (I think the last time we had a family photo Berlynn was around 1 years old). We then ended the day taking a few more. I think […]

Thanksgiving in Kansas

Thanksgiving Meal Wauryn’s 1st Thanksgiving Craft Time Cooking Together Papa! Our Nativity Booth Cousins!

Since Craig was once again on alert, the kids and I decided to head south for Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Manhattan with Clint and Mary. On Thanksgiving Grandma and Papa Hibbs, Aunt Alisha and Uncle Luke and their […]


Temple Blessings

Addyline and Payton decided to sing in our stake’s children choir for the ribbon cutting at the annual gingerbread display at the Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluffs. They did a wonderful job and the displays where beautiful as well. This year we finally made the time to make a gingerbread […]