This Halloween we headed to our wards fall festival. We took with us a Chinese princess and two m&ms. We had a lot of fun with all the activities and of course the children loved getting loads of candy.

Chinese Princess


Halloween Donuts […]


After Addyline’s 5 year check up the doctor thought it might be a good idea to have Addy’s eyes checked. So we headed to the eye doctor for a full eye exam. Turns out the pediatrician was right. Our little girl is very far sited. So we went and picked her up some glasses. She […]

High Five

Our little princess turned 5 years old this month. She decided that she wanted a princess party. We made a princess cake. Addyline loved helping and said the white dots looked like diamonds in the princess’s dress.

The Princess and the Cake

She decided a brunch would be a perfect princess activity so we […]

Mosel River Valley

Mosel Valley Grapes

Recently we took a drive along the Mosel river valley. We thought we would be going as the leaves of the vineyards where changing. However, we went just a few weeks too early, so we will have to venture out again. But because of our miscalculations we where able to see […]


Landyn is talking more and more now. When he first started talking he would say thank you and your welcome, but now he rarely says those words. He is very adamant about saying danke and bitte (German for thank you and your welcome). Apparently we are spending enough time in the local […]

Attack of the Ladybugs

We walked outside this afternoon to find at least a hundred ladybugs flying around and climbing on the front of the house. There are so many ladybugs that when you go outside they smack you in the face! I have never seen so many ladybugs at one time before except at Capulin Volcano National Park […]