Toilet Training?

Landyn seems to have decided that it is time to start toilet training. We could not find him one morning, finally we looked in our small bathroom here is what we found:

Christmas Day

Addy and Landyn were up early this morning. After about 20 minutes they decided it was time to wake Payton up so they could see if Santa visited. They waited patiently on the stairs while Dad went in to turn the heat on in the living room.

Upon entering the room they […]

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve celebration always includes Dad reading the nativity story and the children acting out their parts. Addy has been practicing for her part for several days. She always looks forward to being Mary. She is very good at getting Joseph (Payton) to practice with her. Landyn is too big for baby Jesus this […]

First Snow

We had our first snow of the season.

Both Addyline and Payton were so excited for the first snow. As soon as I had them dressed they were out the door and building snowmen. They loved having fun in the snow.

Christmas Market

For Craig’s birthday we bundled up and headed out to some Christmas markets. We started with Koblenz, this city is where the Mosel and Rhine Rivers meet. We enjoyed seeing all of the neat booths and smelling and trying new foods. The kids love seeing the giant pyramid.

We were also […]

Gingerbread House

The time of year has finally come to make our gingerbread house. Ever since I was a little girl we have made gingerbread houses every Christmas. Though I am not nearly as good at making/decorating them as my mother, we still try. We started by cutting out all of the needed pieces. One trick that […]

A visit from Santa

Today the kids were extra good as we headed to our units children’s Christmas party. They knew that Santa might becoming and were so very excited. Both Addyline and Payton loved seeing Santa!

Landyn on the other hand wasn’t so sure of the man in red. He clung to Daddy and wouldn’t let go!