Saying Good Bye

Our last day before the deployment finally came. Craig’s flight was not until the evening so we were able to spend all day together as a family. We started out the day by finding a shrew that had been left for us by a thankful cat…luckily Craig was still here to dispose of that.


Our Big Guy

Payton turned 4 years old this month. He is becoming such the little man. He still loves trains and requested another train cake. He has started sharing his trains more with Landyn and they can now sit and play together happily. Payton is learning all the sounds of his letters and is slowly starting […]

Dressing for War

When Payton found out about Daddy going to Djibouti he was very nervous about bad guys getting Daddy. So Craig brought home his gear and allowed the kids to try everything on. You can read more about this on our Africa page. Below are some pictures of the children in Craig’s armor.


Getting Gaps

Well the time has come for Addyline to start filling her mouth with gaps. She lost her first tooth on New Year’s Eve/Day at 12:35 am. It is hard to believe that Addy is old enough to be losing teeth! She is getting so big.

Bringing in the New Year

New Year’s is such a fun holiday. Where we can look back at our previous year and look forward to an even better next. The children love New Year’s Eve and started celebrating before 7 (Landyn still had to go to bed by 7:15). They shot of “firecrackers”…confetti…and had fun playing with all the strings.