Just Some Pictures

I decided that I should start putting up pictures even if there isn’t much to say about them. Here is some pictures of the children, just being them. Landyn is trying to hide from me in the coffee table. And be sure to pay special attention to Payton’s face, what do you think he was […]

Mom and Tot Bowling

We have discovered that the bowling alley here offers mom and tot bowling every morning…only $1 to bowl a game (kids are free). So we decided to take advantage of the offer during this cold weather. Enjoy the pictures!


Playing Astronauts

During preschool we learned about the letter U. The children learned that universe began with U. They then decided that for their playtime they should go to space as astronauts. Here is a picture of them on their spaceship…they requested the helmets.

Our Expanding Home

Our home will be expanding by two feet…

Two very tiny feet!

We are due September 7!