Tractor Job

Ever since Payton found out we were coming to Grandma and Papa’s he has been telling everyone “Papa has a tractor job for me to do.” Well today they were finally able to go and do that job….or at least attempt it. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperating and the ground is very wet. […]

Kitties Anyone?

Before we came to Kansas, Addy made masks for Grandma and Papa. We finally got around to playing in them. Don’t they look like such cute kitties?

And of course anyone who has been around Landyn in the past 2 months knows that he IS our litte kitty so he too had to wear […]


For the weekend we headed up to Clint and Mary’s house. Talk about a house over flowing with children. All 8 cousins (a 6-year-old, a 5-year old, 3 4-year-olds, and 3 1-2 year-olds!). We had a fun weekend and all the kids played very nicely together. Payton felt a little out numbered because all […]

Astronauts and Farmers

We took advantage of the warm weather and filled our day full.

Grandma took all the kids (with Moms) to the Kansas Cosmosphere. Payton and Addyline loved this! They want to be spacemen when they grow up now. Here they are pretending to be blasted off into space.

After a few fun filled our […]

Taking Out the Trash

We found Landyn in the trash can, feeding himself and the cat a moldy piece of bread. Can you believe this kid? Do you think he climbed up first and the cat followed? Or did he follow that cat?

Great Grandma Hibbs’

Visiting Great Grandma’s house is always fun. The kids love exploring inside and out. Today was a little cold, so they weren’t able to make mud pies. Addy was finally satisfied with making dirt pies. It was fun visiting with Grandma and seeing all the things she has improved since the toronado […]


Our first day back in Kansas we spent resting. After such a long day yesterday, everyone even Landyn just wanted to lounge around. We watch PBSkids, played a little outside, and had fun playing with all of Grandma and Papa’s toys.


Travel Day

We started our day off bright and early. By 6:30am we were at the Frankfurt Airport. The kids did very well while we checked in, found our gate, and waited to board our plane.

The kids were so excited to ride on an airplane. Payton was excited to have a window seat, he enjoyed […]

Baby Booth

Here is a picture of our new little baby. In the below sonogram the baby is 14 weeks. Everything is looking good so far.

Last Snow?

Yesterday was quite warm, so when we woke up to this we were surprised. Though the kids did not mind at all. Actually they were so excited they went out to play before I could get them dressed for the day.