Cora in France

Today I headed to France with a few of my friends for a kids free morning/afternoon. We went to Cora, which is a store in France. We went for the pastries and to get some speculoos. It was fun looking at all the foods they sell, though at times it was a little unappetizing…especially […]

Deployed Family Dinner

The Ramstein Airmen and Family Readiness group puts on a deployed family dinner once a month. The kids have enjoyed these outings greatly. There is always lots of wonderful food, and the people who help carry the kids’ trays always put lots of desserts on for the kids. They also have face painting. Addy made […]

Happy Birthday Landyn!

Birthday Boy!

For Landyn’s Birthday we headed up to Holland. The kids love flowers so I thought we would try our first European road trip without Daddy. Luckily everything went very well for the trips. On Wednesday the weather was beautiful, nice, sunny and warm. We stayed on an island and the kids […]


Our Easter was a little different this year. With Daddy not here, we decided not to set out Easter baskets but when we walked outside we found the Easter bunny had still come and left each of the kids a decorated egg and chocolate bunnies. Then we headed over to our friends house for […]