Since we will have/had two birthdays with Daddy gone we thought we would combine our birthday celebrations and enjoy them with Daddy. So we had two cakes, one for Landyn who turned two in April and one for Mom whose birthday is on the 19th. (Let’s just say that is a lot of cake). But […]

Baby Booth

We have been having lots of ultrasounds lately. This has been a pretty neat opportunity to get better acquainted with our little one. The baby loves to move! The doctor sometimes has difficulty getting a good image and sound of the baby’s heart (which is what they are paying close attention to). But before we […]

My Daddy

Daddy’s Visit

Daddy was able to come home for a TDY. We were all so excited to see him. All three kids ran to him as soon as they saw him at the airport. I thought they might knock him down with how fast they were running into his arms. They were all so glad to […]

Addy’s Dance Recital

Today Addy performed in her first dance recital. The German’s were having a dinner celebration in the village of Ramstein and Addy’s class performed for them as their dinner’s entertainment. They performed their Chinese dance. Addy did very well, though they did forget some of the dance. She was adorable!


Bath Time

The kids LOVE bath time. They especially love covering each other in bubbles. They try to see who can get the most amounts of bubbles on the other. By the end there are bubbles everywhere, all over everyone and everything. But they have loads of fun.