6-29-10: Home

Today we decided to hang out around home. We did do some errands on base, but other than that we enjoyed our beautiful village.

We ate lunch on the patio:

We went on a walk:

Had icecream:

In all it was a pretty fun day.


6-28-10: Ossenberg Germany & Great Uncle George

Today we went to Ossenberg Germany. This is where Papa’s Uncle George went missing during WWII. During Papa and Grandma’s first trip to Germany we follwed George’s route from Normandy through France. We decided it would be a good idea to now visit the final leg of his route. Ossenberg is a very small village, […]

6-27-10: Blumenhorst Family and the Dümmer See

For the weekend we stayed at the Dümmer See. It is a nice lake in northern Germany, only about 10 miles from where our Blumenhorst relatives where from. So we were able to take advantage of the lake and learn about the area Grandma Hibbs’ family came from.

The Blumenhorst lived in the […]

6-26-10: Bremen and Hamburg

Today we saw the famuous Bremen Town Musicians, though we could never figure out why the Grimm brothers named them that since they never made it to Bremen. Bremen was a neat town to visit and we had fun walking through the old quarters.

Though the favorite part of […]

June 22 2010: Waiting For Papa

Today Miss Cheryl went home and Papa came! We had to wait a while between Miss Cheryl’s flight and Papa’s so we headed a little north. We found a fun park to play in, which made the time go much faster. The kids loved the playground. We spent almost an hour there […]

June 21 2010: Burg Eltz

For Miss Cheryl’s last day here we headed to Burg Eltz, a beautiful castle that is near the Mosel River and is still privately owned. We enjoyed our nice stroll down the mountain…our legs were feeling it later…and then getting to explore the castle. The kids did great during the tour and listened very […]

June 17 2010: Prague

After Berlin we headed to Poland, where we did some Polish pottery shopping. We had a fun time and even the kids liked to see all the patterns. Of course we could only handle so much shopping so we loaded back up and headed to Prague. We stayed in an apartment right in the […]

6-15-10: Berlin

We toured the great city of Berlin today, this time in much more pleasant weather than our previous trip. We started by heading to the Brandenburg Gate. After drinking some hot chocolate, Grandma and Miss Cheryl went to the museum to the Murdered Jews. The kids and I stayed outside in the memorial. Then […]

Rothenburg ab der Tauber

After renting a van with air conditioning we headed east towards Rothenberg ab der Tauber. Grandma was excited to visit a village on Germany’s Romantic Road and the kids were just excited to be traveling in a “new” car. After some shaky starts I got used to driving a stick shift again and we […]

Café Mickey

We spent the whole day at Disneyland today. All three of the kids enjoyed the rides and seeing all of the neat sights. Payton and Addy were able to go on their very first roller coaster ride. They went on Thunder Mountain, which Payton was so excited about because they went on what looked […]