Paris and Disney Land

With Grandma and Miss Cheryl here we decided to take a road trip. So we all loaded up and headed to Paris. We made really good time and made it before expected….I know, surprising. So instead of heading straight to Disney Land we went on into Paris to see the Eifel Tower. With a […]

Trier & Luxembourg

We took Grandma and Miss Cheryl to Trier and Luxembourg today. We had lots of fun riding the train, seeing Roman soldiers and all the other neat things in Trier.

We also drove over to Luxembourg where we went to the American Military Cemetery and also to the German Military Cemetery which is […]

Dinosaur Park

For the past month Addy and Payton have been excited to take Grandma to the “Dinosaur Park”. This is actually a garden show in Kaiserslautern that has dinosaurs on display throughout the park. Payton and Landyn both love dinosaurs and Addy loves the water features. We had a nice picnic lunch and […]

Dragon Teeth & Snails

We decided it would be fun to take Grandma and Miss Cheryl on a drive around where we live. While out we stopped by some Dragon Teeth. These were put up by the Germans along the Siegfried line to slow the progress of the allies. Since the dragon teeth are in a […]

Grandma and Rhine River

Today Grandma came for a visit! The kids were so excited. They got up extra early to be ready to go and get her (though we didn’t have to leave until about 9am). But when we finally saw Grandma they were very excited. Miss Cheryl came with Grandma and will be here for a while […]