Mystery Inc. Gang

The kids have been planning our costumes for almost a year. Addy and Payton assigned everyone their parts. Of course Scooby went to Landyn. Who could resist such a cute puppy?

Addy was the beautiful Daphne and Payton the “brains” of the group, Fred.

Mom and Dad were assigned Velma and Shaggy. Our […]

Look Who’s 6!

Happy Birthday Addy dear! We love you! Our little girl turned 6. We hand a simple party at home with just the family and Addy was able to be queen for the day.


A Feild Trip with Addy

Addy’s first off base feild trip was to a farm and a pumpkin patch. We had fun seeing how German farms are ran compared to the ones in the states. The main difference is where the farms are. The barns are attached to the family home. So the cows, pigs, chickecns, etc […]

Our Family


My Hair

“What? My hair is sticking up??? Where?”