1st Days of School

Please go to Addy’s page to read about her 1st day of 1st grade.

Please go to Paytn’s page to read about his 1st day of kindergarten.

Italy Trip: Part Five (Last One)

Our last city to visit was Venice. For the first time this entire trip we stayed in a hotel! It was lovely. We had a family room that consisted of two rooms, a bathroom and AIR CONDITIONING! This was lovely, especially since it had been over 100 degrees every day of our […]

Italy Trip: Part Four

We left the busy, hot, city of Rome and headed toward Naples. We stayed at Carney Park a navy camp ground in the cone of an extinct volcano. Payton and Landyn LOVED this! After a day of rest and relaxation, we headed to Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii.

At the top […]

Italy Trip: Part Three

After spending several days in Tuscany, it was time to travel further south and face the crowds of Rome. Above is a picture of us at a stop along the way to Rome…you can see Berlynn trying to grab an olive. We stopped at Tarquinia and saw the frescoed tombs of the […]

Italy Trip: Part Two

We spent one more day in Tuscany exploring the countryside away from Pisa. We drove to Vinci, were Leonardo da Vinci was from. This was a cute little village that we loved visiting.

We were able to see a few of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions but we couldn’t find the ticket office so we […]

Italy Trip: Part One

For our summer vacation we loaded up the car and headed to Italy. We had two very specific requests from Payton he wanted to see the leaning tower of Pisa and Pompeii. Addy wanted to see the mouth of truth in Rome. Landyn wanted to go to the beach and Berlynn was just excited because […]