Harvest Time

The boys have been talking about harvest time for over a month. They were so excited to find out that they would be at Papa’s for wheat harvest this month. The love riding in the combine with Papa and Berlynn was able to have her first ride on the combine today as […]

The kiddos

Today I left for a week at young women’s camp. Before I left I took pictures of all the kids before there first week away from Mom. They had a great week on the farm. The did swim lessons, were able to visit Great Grandma Hibbs and of course play and play outside. They never […]

You’re Never Alone

Addyline and Payton put together a little song called “You’re Never Alone”. Here is the video of them singing it. They had such fun doing this…I hope you enjoy!

The Badlands

The Badlands


On the way home from Grandma and Papa’s we decided to take a tour through the Badlands. We had fun taking the detour through this


unique region of South Dakota. We enjoyed picnicking and taking a short hike through some of the badlands. Though one of the […]

Papa & Grandma Booth’s, Devils Tower & Fishing

Devils Tower

Grandma and Papa planned a full day for us. After spending most of the morning looking for worms, helping Papa in the green house and helping Grandma around the house we headed to Devils Tower with Grandma while Papa headed to work. We had a great time looking at nature, finding […]

Ashfall Fossil Beds

This week we have been learning about dinosaurs and fossils. So, on our way up to visit Grandma and Papa Booth we decided to stop by Ashfall Fossil Beds. These “beds” where made after a mega volcano in southern Idaho exploded and spewed lots of ash into the air. The animals of the […]