Booth Family Renunion

We started our Booth Family reunion with a trip to the Mormon Trail Center in Omaha, and stopped by the temple. We enjoyed getting a picture of Grandma and Papa with all of the grandkids (except Matt & Shersti’s because they hadn’t arrived yet). What a wonderful posterity!

Happy Father’s Day!

Dad was on alert for Father’s Day so we sent him a little picture card. We were able to celebrate with him when he came home on Wednesday. The kids were so excited to show him what they had made for him and were more excited about a shop vac […]

Family Vacation: The Drive Home

Little Adventures

We like to take the back roads when traveling, which can sometimes led to fun adventures. On June 4, While driving through Pennsylvania on our way home we found a fun little creek for the kids to play in. It was really fun, until Payton slipped on a rock and became muddy […]

Family Vacation: Palmyra and Lake Erie

Smith Cabin

We started our day in Palmyra by visiting the Smith Family Farm. We saw the log cabin were the Smith family was living when Joseph Smith first saw the angel Moroni. Then we went to the frame home where the gold plates had been hidden many times. Finally we spent time in […]

Family Vacation: Niagara Falls & the Erie Canal

Horseshoe Falls

Today we took a break from church history sites and focused on national sites. (Though it is recorded that Joseph Smith and some other brethren did go to the Niagara’s…so maybe it is still church history). We spent the afternoon looking at the amazing falls. We were all surprised at how windy […]

Family Vacation: Kirltand, Ohio

Today we were able to discover historic Kirtland. After church we headed to the church history sites and had a little sack lunch. The weather was beautiful today! After enjoying our lunch we went in the the visitor center and was shown around all the sites. We enjoyed all of them and […]