At Work with Dad

family day

Today we were able to go to work with Dad. Papa and Grandma even came up for the event. Very rarely do we get to go behind the large fences and armed guards but today they allowed us not only to go behind the fence but also up into the plane. We […]

Payton’s a Wolf!

Click here to go to Payton’s page and learn about him making his Wolf!


Stingray Beach

The kids have been wanting to get to the zoo’s stingray beach for sometime now. We have been trying to avoid the crowds, since the zoo was just voted #1 zoo in the world. So today after school we headed out. At the gate into the zoo they told us the stingray beach was […]

Happy 4th Birthday Berlynn

Our little Berlynn turned 4 today. Click on the picture above to go to her page to read all about it! Happy Birthday Berlynn we are so glad that you are in our family and keep us busy.

A Weekend in Kansas City

Kansas City! Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

To celebrate our 11th anniversary, we took the family to Kansas City! We started our weekend adventure at Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant. What a fun place! We loved watching the trains come and go and waiting for our food to be delivered by a train! Everyone was entertained, even little […]

Growing Wauryn

Our little Wauryn is growing. Click on the picture below to go to his page to see a slideshow of how he has grown over the last 9 months!