Spring Break w/ Grandma & Papa Booth

Chimney Rock

For spring break we headed towards Wyoming. On our way, we stopped by Chimney Rock. The kids decided that it looks like a pinkie being held up. We had fun looking at it, but I think everyone was a little disappointed that they don’t allow you walk up to it. The best […]

Flat Kailey, Crazy Hair, and Chess

Cousin Kailey H. sent us “Flat Kailey” to show around to fun and interesting places, so we took her to Offutt AFB and the Omaha Zoo. We had fun seeing planes and rockets and we never get tired of going to the zoo. We were glad for our opportunity to be reminded of all the […]

Sandhill Cranes

We decided to surprise the children and head out on a quick little road trip. We have heard lots about the sandhill crane migration that happens twice a year. The cranes fly from as far north as Siberia and south as Mexico and all of these birds (hundreds of thousands) […]