Family Vacation: Albuquerque

We spent a couple of days in Albuquerque with Aunt Kenzi and Uncle Todd. The kids had a wonderful time playing with Kailey and Cope. One thing they came away with and decided that was so cool was Uncle Todd’s high tech tv and gaming system. The loved that he could talk to […]

Family Vacation: Westward Ho!

Ready To Travel

Waiting for Grandma’s Biscuits

The day after school was out, we started out on our family vacation. We headed south first and stopped at Grandma and Papa Hibbs’ farm. After dealing with tricare and the headache of getting Wauryn what he needed to treat his pneumonia, we enjoyed our short […]

Random Happenings

Family Picture

FHE with Dad via Skype

Silly Kiddos

Sad Berlynn


Fishing without a Tackle Box

Before the First Cast

We woke up early to go fishing down by Mahoney State Park. We were all excited, until we realized we forgot the tackle box.


So what do you do with no tackle box, you decided to fish anyway with the two lures you have on. What are the […]