Spring Break 2012: part 1

For Spring Break we headed to Spain. We took the kids out of school 4 days early so that we could spend two whole weeks on our trip. We saw ALOT of Spain. And had a great time…even though we found out that the “rain in Spain stays mainly…” on the Booths.

One our way to Spain we stopped at Pont Du Gard in France. This was (still is) the tallest Roman aqueduct. After spending the morning there we had worked up an appetite and stopped at a road side place to get some sandwiches….they were very filling. Here is a picture of Craig with his, it was probably six to eight inches long.

When we finally arrived in Barcelona and set up the campground there was still time to make it to the beach. It was rather chilly but the kids were so excited that they didn’t seem to mind…until their little toes touched the water then they decided it would be best to just play on the beach and stay dry. We had a great time. And, besides one man fishing, we were the only ones on the beach.

After trying to get some sleep….the Spanish stay up very late so the campground was loud until a little after 3 am…we headed by train into Barcelona. As we traveled on the train it started raining…we hoped it would clear. But once we got out on the Las Ramblas we saw this wasn’t going to happen so we tried to just continue on. It then started to down pour. Let’s just say that we were drenched by the time the day was over. But we were able to see most of the things that we had set out to and the kids were very good considering the circumstances.

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