Spring Break 2012: part 3

After spending time at the Alhambra we headed up into the mountains for some time away from the big cities. We enjoyed time hiking between the white washed villages of the Alpujarra region. It was very beautiful and we had lots of fun spending time out it in the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Though I think perhaps Grandma would have been a little nervous had she seen some of the “treacherous” trails we took…after we went awhile we realized we had  gotten off the actual hiking trail and we were following the mountain goat/sheep trail, no wonder there were such steep cliff edges….

After spending time in the mountains it was time to head back to the coast. We stayed in Algeciras, which is on the Spanish said of the Straight of Gibraltar. We had a great hotel and our room had a nice large balcony that over looked the Straight of Gibraltar. We were also able to enjoy some time down on the beach and in the water.

For Landyn’s 4th birthday we headed to Gibraltar. We were able to stand atop one of the “Pillars of Hercules” and look across the straight of Gibraltar and see Africa. We had a ton of fun going up the rock and seeing the caves and monkeys. After enjoying time on the rock, we headed out to sea to look for dolphins. What fun!

Happy 4th Birthday little guy! We hope you had a day to remember!!

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