Spring Break 2012: Part 4

Sevilla! One of our favorites cities of our trip to Spain. We started our day with a shuttle ride to the city center. Berlynn liked this, because even though the shuttle was simply a van, she didn’t have to have a car seat. Here is a picture of her so excited to be a big girl….though she was excited, saying “WEEEE” almost the whole way, Mom was a little just a little nervous…

We made it to Sevilla, in good time. We found the city center easily and started our day with a scavenger hunt.

First stop…. churros. We were able to find the little stand that we heard was the best place for churros, it is even rumored that when the king is in Sevilla he sends out for churros from this stand….they lived up to their hype, delicious!

After filling our bellies, we were off to explore the city. Knowing that the Spanish sleep in, our scavenger hunt had us explore the streets of the old Jewish quarter since none of the main attractions opened until 11:00. We had fun exploring the tiny, winding streets. We found out how the old palace and old city used to get water…through pipes that ran through the walls of the city that ran along Calle Agua. We found some “kissing lanes”, streets that are so narrow the buildings seem to kiss. We explored the world’s largest gothic cathedral and the 3rd largest church in the world. We went to the museum of flamenco dance and had the building practically to ourselves, so the kids put on a little flamenco show for us in the dance room. We found hidden faces in the Royal Alcazar, it was built by the moors, who were not allowed to put figures into their work…but a sneaky craftsmen put two tiny faces in this room.  It was a beautiful day and we ended it by stopping by the nun baked goods stores and got ourselves some yummy dulces.

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