Spring Break 2012: Part 5 (last one)

Well the final leg of our trip was to Toledo Spain. We followed the Don Quixote route through the La Mancha region and were able to see the Spanish windmills. As we went our little Berlynn kept getting sicker and sicker. When we were getting ready to go and explore Toledo, Berlynn had an asthma attack and turned blue. Luckily the asthma plan we have for her worked and the medicine kicked in very quickly. She returned to normal and we were able to spend the day in Toledo. We had fun exploring Toledo, eating yummy food and watching swords being made.

However, in the evening Berlynn was still pretty sick that evening so we decided to head home and skip the part of our trip in France. It was a LONG trip home but we were still able to see things including the small mountainous country of Andorra.

Here are our photos of time in the La Mancha region.

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