My Daddy’s Job

Today Ramstein AB hosted a job shadow day for school age children. Addy and Payton have been looking forward to this all week! The itinerary included breakfast, tie-dying t-shirts, scavenger hunt, red man down, face painting, playing with the big guns, and the list goes on! The started the morning at the USAFE A6 building for breakfast. Here is a picture of the two job shadowers enjoying what might not be considered the most healthy of breakfasts, but they sure look like they are enjoying it.

After starting the day off with yummy food, they started with the fun stuff. Tie-dying t-shirts and scavenger hunt. They even each received a USAFE A6 coin. After ended the tour of the USAFE A6 facility the headed over to the combat comm compound. They had a blast here as well. Below are a few photos of there time here.

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