Since we had to ship the Volvo we decided to ship it out of Brussels Belgium and make a day out of it. We took the kids out of school and headed west. We had a fun trip…even getting lost in the Belgium country side when we couldn’t seem to figure out the Umleitung.

After dropping off the Volvo we headed into the old square of Brussels. We enjoyed delicious waffles as can be seen here in this picture of the kiddos…they were all covered in powder sugar by the end of this. 

We also were able to see a few of the sights including the beautiful square (that is actually where we were sitting and eating the waffles).

We also saw the Manneken Pis. He was all dressed up for graduation. We thought he was a little bit on the tiny side consedering all the hype for this statue. But we did have a hard time deciding which of these two little guys we liked to see better: the Manneken Pis or the peeing Landyn.

Now back to the serious side of Brussels we also had to have chocolate. Who doesn’t love Belgium chocolate? I think though that the kids loved playing on this “chocolate” elephant that was outside the chocolate store better than the actual chocolates. We were also able to find Tintin in the bustle of the busy streets. It was an adventure that even “The adventures of Tintin” might be proud of.

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