Last Big Trip: Berchtesgaden & the Eagle’s Nest



Up on Top


We left the hotel bright and early so that we could get up to the Eagle’s


Nest before the fog rolled in.We left so early that we were able to take time and enjoy some views along the way. The majority of the original Eagle’s Nest is gone. The only remaining original structures are the tunnel and elevator up to the top and the fireplace. We spent most of our time looking at nature and the views. And since the restaurant wasn’t open yet, we took a walk through to see the fireplace as well.

Fog Rolls In

As we were walking back down the fog started rolling in. We were lucky we went up when we did. It was really neat to see the fog roll in and how on one side of the mountain you couldn’t see anything, but the other side was crystal clear. By the time we walked down to the buses, the top of the mountain was covered with fog and it was time for a little nap.


Sight Seeing

We had fun as we went to a little restaurant outside of Berchtesgaden. It was very delicious.

Yummy Food

Berlynn finished enjoying eating before everyone else so she and Mom went enjoyed some sightseeing.

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