Last Big Trip: Budapest Hungary


Welcome to Hungary

We never thought we would be able to go to Hungary but we are so glad that we didn’t miss it. Budapest is a beautiful city. Though I think it was the hardest country to communicate in. Hungarian is not at all related to the English or Spanish languages so we had our first “have absolutely no idea” moments, though I think that is pretty amazing seeing as we have lived in Europe for four years.

Szechenyi Bath

Hungary is known for its baths, so we thought we would be brave and try out a public bath. I did LOTS of research before heading to the baths, we didn’t want any public nudity moments (we’ve had enough of those), so we headed to Szechenyi Baths. It was crowded, but what a fun experience!


After experiencing the baths, we felt rejuvenated enough to take on the city of Budapest. We started on the Pest side (that’s where the baths were) and worked our way towards Buda. Though it took awhile for us to convince the kids it

Buda to Pest

could still be fun even though we weren’t at the baths anymore. Check out Payton in the picture by the sheep…he is still needing some convincing. By the time we made it to the river, all was better. What a beautiful river front this city has.

River Front

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