Attack of the Ladybugs

We walked outside this afternoon to find at least a hundred ladybugs flying around and climbing on the front of the house. There are so many ladybugs that when you go outside they smack you in the face! I have never seen so many ladybugs at one time before except at Capulin Volcano National Park a few years ago when we were back in the states. The kids found this very fun and quite literally wore themselves out as can be seen in the picture below. Yes he fell asleep in the entryway of the house!

Tired Boy

Tired Boy

2 comments to Attack of the Ladybugs

  • Grandpa Hibbs

    Finally figured out how to get on your website. Looks great! Sounds like a very fun trip to Jolly ol England! Must still be warm in Germany to have all these lady bugs still around.

    Love Ya!
    Grandpa Hibbs

  • Grandma

    Payton, with so much energy, every once and awhile, a person needs to take a little nap! I was so excited to hear about your adventures with Thomas!

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