Great Britain: Thomas Tracks?

Today we spent the morning resting in TLF at RAF Mildenhall. After checking out of our room we headed for the London Temple. On our way we had to stop at a railroad crossing. This is what it was like:

Rail crossing

Gate Guard

 gate opening

We felt like we had been transported into a Thomas the Tank Engine video where these sort of gates are used. Who know these types of gates where still operating today.

3 comments to Great Britain: Thomas Tracks?

  • Regena

    You guys are having an awesome life! I am so happy for you and so glad that you share the website. I love looking at the pictures and hearing what you have to say about them. Keep it up! Hugs & Kisses

  • Grandma

    WOW!!!!! THOMAS!!!!!

  • Peg Chambers

    Hi there! Just loved your story and of course the photos of
    the kids…
    Just great seeing them grow up..
    You keep up the great work you two.
    Here’s hoping for an easy deployment and home again.
    Take care, God Bless..

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