Landyn is talking more and more now. When he first started talking he would say thank you and your welcome, but now he rarely says those words. He is very adamant about saying danke and bitte (German for thank you and your welcome). Apparently we are spending enough time in the local community that he knows this is what we are supposed to be saying. In fact he even tries to correct us when we say these words in English. What a cute little German baby we are raising!

2 comments to Danke!

  • Melanie

    Nikki, I can’t believe how big he is…nor can I believe you have three kids! Craziness! I just caught up on your blog and was reading about your trip to ENgland…It makes me want to go back. there is so much cool stuff to see there. I hope you loved it, but I’m sure it’s good to be home again. Lubbock is great…we really love it here, now that we are used to how flat it is!

  • Grandma

    Landyn, You are amazing! I can’t believe you are talking!

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