Addyline’s Birthday & Trunk or Treat

Addy's 10!

Addy’s 10!

Our oldest turned 10 today. Click on her picture above to go to her page and learn about the celebrations we did to celebrate her life with us! We are so glad she is in our family.


After the birthday celebrations we dressed up for the ward trunk or treat and headed down to Plattsmouth. Addyline’s friend Morgan (who was at the birthday party) joined us. We have the Wild Kratts, a puppy, a frog, a fox (Morgan) and a cheerleader. Mom and Dad went as Hawaiian vacationers. At the trunk or treat Mom won “most unique” chili for her “not chili” which was chicken tortilla soup. And Dad won “most fun” trunk. We have never won anything like this before and were pretty excited!

Fun Trunk

Fun Trunk

Award Winners

Award Winners

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