Tree Decorating and Crashing


Between church and the First Presidency Christmas devotional we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. It was a great time and by the end the tree looked pretty good. IMG_2216 IMG_2213 IMG_2210After decorating the tree we enjoyed laying down under the tree and admiring the beauty of the tree. It was fun watching the kids as they started to see the magic of the season.

After decorating and seeing all the pretty lights dance on the ceiling we went into the back rooms to get ready for our new neighbors to come over to watch the Christmas devotional. When all of a sudden we hear Addyline say “the tree fell over, the tree fell over!” Well it made for some exciting times and we gave a very chaotic first impression to our new neighbors. With their help we were able to get the tree back up, but it had to be very crooked to be stable, and luckily no one was hurt and only one decoration was broken.

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