Sandhill Cranes


We decided to surprise the children and head out on a quick little road trip. We have heard lots about the sandhill crane migration that happens twice a year. The cranes fly from as far north as Siberia and south as Mexico and all of these birds (hundreds of thousands) gather on a small section of the Platte River in Nebraska. It was a great experience for us as a family to have. Especially since Addyline has been learning Nebraska history in school and they just completed a unit on the sandhill cranes.

On Friday evening we saw the cranes come in to roost on the river for the night. On Saturday we explored the local area near Kearney and while walking along the Platte River we even were able to see the a spring calf be born.

IMG_2327 IMG_2331 IMG_2335 IMG_2338IMG_2370 IMG_2366  DSCN3329

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