Flat Kailey, Crazy Hair, and Chess

Cousin Kailey H. sent us “Flat Kailey” to show around to fun and interesting places, so we took her to Offutt AFB and the Omaha Zoo. We had fun seeing planes and rockets and we never get tired of going to the zoo. We were glad for our opportunity to be reminded of all the fun places near home.

DSCN3340 DSCN3344 DSCN3355





For our school’s spirit week we participated in crazy hair day. The kids really enjoyed doing their hair crazy and even Berlynn participated here at home. IMG_1767

Payton and Addyline have been participating in chess club all school year. They participated in their first chess meet today. Both did a great job! Addyline had many tough games and it came down to the bitter end with only a few pieces left. She put up some great games but in the end came up 5th place out of 8 at her table. Payton also did an excellent job and enjoyed playing in his first tournament. In the end he ended up getting 2nd place at his table!

DSCN3373 DSCN3374


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