Spring Break w/ Grandma & Papa Booth

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock

For spring break we headed towards Wyoming. On our way, we stopped by Chimney Rock. The kids decided that it looks like a pinkie being held up. We had fun looking at it, but I think everyone was a little disappointed that they don’t allow you walk up to it. The best part of all was learning a little more about the state we live in now.

Papa's kiddos

Papa’s kiddos

Grandma's Girls

Grandma’s Girls

When we first arrived in Wyoming we stayed in Cheyenne with Craig’s Aunt Verena and Uncle Terry. We had fun seeing them and the kids loved playing with cousin Ben and Uncle Hyrum. After Papa was done with his science symposium we headed up to Upton. We had lots of fun spending time with Papa and Grandma! Of course we had to go fishing, though we didn’t catch anything, it is always fun to try. We had a good time exploring and playing.

Tired, Tired, Kiddos

Tired, Tired, Kiddos

You can tell the kids played super hard and were tired kiddos at the end of the days.

Papa & Grandma's Little Ones

Papa & Grandma’s Little Ones

On our way home, we stopped by Mt. Rushmore. Payton and Addyline have both recently studied the history of Mt. Rushmore in school so they loved being able to see it. We especially loved having the “hiking” trail all to ourselves and seeing mountain goats up near the visitors center. (On a side note, Addyline is not taller than Mom yet, she was standing on a rock…though she does have only four inches to go!)

Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore


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