Easter 2015


This Easter the whole Hibbs family came to our house! Even great grandma Tessie Hibbs came and celebrated the weekend with us! Unfortunately, Craig was on alert, but we did have the opportunity to talk to him. Everyone LOVED spending time with the cousins and we are so very grateful the weather was nice so they could run and play outside and keep some of the noise outside.


Hunting with Papa

Wauryn had a little trouble understanding what was supposed to happen, so Papa tried to teach him to put the eggs in the basket. Wauryn would put a couple in, then he would take them back out, hand them to Papa and put them back in again. So though he didn’t get many eggs he enjoyed getting them, putting them in, handing them to Papa and starting all over again.


Beautiful Eggs

I think most everyone else had the idea of how it worked, in fact some of the older kids found so many that we decided to take all the candy back and divide it a little more evenly. (our kiddos don’t normally get anything but hard boil eggs to find, so the were ecstatic when they found there were plastic eggs with candy in them!)

Sorting the Candy...keeping some too!

Sorting the Candy…keeping some too!

With it also being General Conference weekend, we had to come up with a way to keep all those children paying attention-ish and staying somewhat quiet. Well what do you do, you put the lady who has been in the most primary presidencies in charge. Aunt Alisha did great! She had packets for each child…except Wauryn of course…and this amazing General Conference board, now I want one of those!

Conference Board

Conference Board

Another thing that is important is to keep those kiddos feed! We ate lots and had lots of fun this weekend!


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