Christmas Market


For Craig’s birthday we bundled up and headed out to some Christmas markets. We started with Koblenz, this city is where the Mosel and Rhine Rivers meet. We enjoyed seeing all of the neat booths and smelling and trying new foods. The kids love seeing the giant pyramid.



We were also able to meet St Nicholas. The children were a little apprehensive since he doesn’t look like our Santa. 

St Nicholas 2

He was able to win them over though when he pulled out some candy.

St Nicholas

2 comments to Christmas Market

  • If I was a kid that guy would scare me.

  • Grandma

    How exciting! I have never meet St. Nicholas! What a great experience! I love the pyramid – that truly is the biggest I’ve ever seen. In my memory as a young mother there once was a store that had a really large pyramid in it. It seemed to almost cover the entire table. I absolutely love Christmas markets! Thank you for giving us the opportunity last year to experience them. What exciting purchases did you make?

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