Gingerbread House

The time of year has finally come to make our gingerbread house. Ever since I was a little girl we have made gingerbread houses every Christmas. Though I am not nearly as good at making/decorating them as my mother, we still try. We started by cutting out all of the needed pieces. One trick that my mother taught me was to roll the dough between two pieces of wax paper, this makes the gingerbread less stiff from added flour when rolling on the table and easier to handle.

gingerbread rolling

Then we assembled the house. The tricky part here is making sure that the icing “glue” is just the right thickness. I did have to add more powder sugar in the end, but it ended up staying in one piece.

assembled house

Then the best part comes. Decorating the house. This part can leave you with a tummy ache if you, like me tend to snitch while you cook.


Finally we finished the project. All probably having a little bit of a sugar high. For the amateurs that we are, it turned out all right. I hope it makes you proud Mom!


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