First Snow


We had our first snow of the season.

First Snow

Both Addyline and Payton were so excited for the first snow. As soon as I had them dressed they were out the door and building snowmen. They loved having fun in the snow.

making a snowman


Before 8:00 in the morning they had their snowman built and we were still able to make it on time to church.


3 comments to First Snow

  • That’s one thing we didn’t do with our first snow, build a snowman. It was perfect snow to do it with too. Oh, well. We’re expecting snow in a day or two. Maybe then we’ll get out there and build one.

  • Regena

    Aww, the energy of children. I was so happy to get your e-card and to connect to your site. I am so grateful that you share your life with us!

  • Grandma

    Is that first picture taken from the balcony of your living room facing the road? Beautiful! I miss being with you during this season! Papa and I had a wonderful time with you last Christmas! We had a cold, windy, and slightly white Christmas this year, which left a bunny and a peacock in our basement.

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