Saying Good Bye

Our last day before the deployment finally came. Craig’s flight was not until the evening so we were able to spend all day together as a family. We started out the day by finding a shrew that had been left for us by a thankful cat…luckily Craig was still here to dispose of that.

Then we took a family picture. It turned out all right though Addy is being a little ham. She loves to “pose” for the camera.

The day was pretty fun. Until we started for the airport. Payton seemed to think we were on our way to Grandma and Papa’s house so it came even harder for him when he finally realized we would be staying and Daddy would be going. Though in the past it seemed nice to be able to walk people up to the gate, it is better now to have shorter good-byes, it seemed to help the children….except for Landyn who cried for half of the 1.5 hour drive home.

We miss you Daddy and hope you have a great experience in Africa!

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