Deployed Family Dinner

The Ramstein Airmen and Family Readiness group puts on a deployed family dinner once a month. The kids have enjoyed these outings greatly. There is always lots of wonderful food, and the people who help carry the kids’ trays always put lots of desserts on for the kids. They also have face painting. Addy made a beautiful butterfly and Payton was proud of his spider. Landyn had a ladybug painted on his arm and was so excited of his “bug-a-bug” but he fell asleep before I could take his picture.

There is also signing. In fact they asked if there were any volunteers from the crowd who might want to come and sing for everyone and Addy went right up and sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” After her beautiful song they gave her a rose for her wonderful performance. I was proud of her; I don’t think I could have sang in front all those people.

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