Rothenburg ab der Tauber

After renting a van with air conditioning we headed east towards Rothenberg ab der Tauber. Grandma was excited to visit a village on Germany’s Romantic Road and the kids were just excited to be traveling in a “new” car. After some shaky starts I got used to driving a stick shift again and we made it safely to Rothenberg.

Are first stop in Rothenberg was of course the wall. We had to climb this medieval masterpiece and walk along the village wall. This was probably one of the highlights of the day for the children. After walking along the wall for a while we headed back down to rejoin Grandma (who wouldn’t go up with us). When we found the village square we found that there was a band playing. This was fun to listen to and created a fun atmosphere while walking the square.

After seeing the square we headed to the toy museum. Oh how the kids liked this. There were so many trains, cars and dolls that everyone was pleased in all the rooms we visited. It took us a little while to pull Landyn away from a display of about 30 or more different trains.

We ended the day walking through the medieval village and through the outer gardens.

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  • Grandma

    I love how you make this all come alive! This brings back sweet memories! I love you guys and miss you all bunches!

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