June 17 2010: Prague

After Berlin we headed to Poland, where we did some Polish pottery shopping. We had a fun time and even the kids liked to see all the patterns. Of course we could only handle so much shopping so we loaded back up and headed to Prague. We stayed in an apartment right in the heart of Prague; the above picture shows the view of the St. Nicholas Church which we could see from our windows. We were across the street from the church and just one block up the road from the famous St. Charles Bridge.

We started out our morning by heading across the St. Charles Bridge. The kids liked seeing the knight and watching the boats go under the bridge. We then headed to the old town square and got some treats along the way. We had lots of fun looking at all the neat buildings of Prague and touring the Jewish Quarter. The boys even had the experience of wearing yarmulke (a head cap), while we toured the cemetery and other buildings. We were able to learn much about the Jewish culture and the persecutions they faced during the past.

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