June 22 2010: Waiting For Papa


Today Miss Cheryl went home and Papa came! We had to wait a while between Miss Cheryl’s flight and Papa’s so we headed a little north. We found a fun park to play in, which made the time go much faster. The kids loved the playground. We spent almost an hour there before exploring the rest of the park. Since it was a warm sunny day we just had to remember not to look at the people sun bathing or we would see more than we had intended. But we did enjoy many of the other sights of the park, including a pond that had ducks. Landyn and Payton are both big fans of ducks so they were excited to see that. Of course the highlight of the day was being able to pick Papa up from the airport. I don’t know who was more excited, the kids or Grandma but it was one happy day here at our house.

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