6-27-10: Blumenhorst Family and the Dümmer See

For the weekend we stayed at the Dümmer See. It is a nice lake in northern Germany, only about 10 miles from where our Blumenhorst relatives where from. So we were able to take advantage of the lake and learn about the area Grandma Hibbs’ family came from.

The Blumenhorst lived in the small village of Westrup, here you see Grandma as we entered into the village. We decided to try and find the house that Grandma’s great grandparents lived in. We only had the house number and the village name to go off of but we gave it a try. We soon realized that the village of Westrup did not reuse any of the house numbers so we had a chance. We did find where the house used to be (the neighbor confirmed the address for us), unfortunately the house was no longer there and it was only an empty lot.  But we did get a feel for what the village and area was like. We can see why they were happy to settle in Kansas because areas are pretty similar.

After being able to see the area our anscestors grew up, we went back to the Dümmer See to cool off (our van still doesn’t have a working a/c). We had fun playing in the water and watching the sail boats.

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